💰Referral Program

Looter has two ways to earn by sharing our tool with your friends.

To access previously earned fees from our referral program, access the "👤 User Settings" from the Telegram bot homepage, then select "👨‍💻 User Statistics" which will bring up a menu that looks similar to this:

👥 Referral Fees

By sharing and inviting another user to Looter, we offer a 10% reward from all referred user's transaction fees.

🗣️ Caller Fees

By sharing or integrating caller (direct buy) links to Looter, we offer a 10% reward of buy transaction revenue using your links, regardless of who referred the user.

Easily generate caller links using /call <Token Contract Address> on the Looter Telegram bot. The response will look similar to this:

💳 How to Withdraw Rewards

⚠️ Note: reward withdrawals are gas free, however there is a $100US minimum per withdrawal and buttons to do so will only show once this threshold has been met.

To make a withdrawal, simply select the chain you wish to withdraw earnings from with the buttons below the "👨‍💻 User Statistics" page, accessed through "👤 User Settings" from the Telegram bot homepage.

Rewards for a referral's transactions will be kept on the same chain they were earned. For example if one of your referrals makes a trade on Solana, the earned rewards can only be withdrawn on Solana.

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