📖Trade History

You can view the history and important details of every trade made with Looter from within the bot! Lets show you how 📚

To begin, select the "📖 Trade History " button from the main page.

👀 Viewing your Trade History

Welcome to your trade history! Every Limit Order, Market Order and Snipe will display on your trade history will each order's important information and a link to the transaction on Etherscan! There will be 3 trades shown per page so they are easily viewable without making too long of a message - don't worry if yours doesn't look like this, thats because you haven't made any trades yet or have under 3 trades and can only see one page!

📝 Displayed Trade Details

Shown above, are the first three trades made with Looter. Each trade shows important information such as: the token name, a quick-link to the token's contract address, the order type (limit, market, snipe), the gas cost for the order, token/ethereum amount, the time this transaction was executed and a quick-link to the transaction on Etherscan!

Order transaction times can be modified to fit your timezone! Head over to the User Settings page, where you can edit your timezone displayed within the bot. ⏰

😎 Generating PNL Cards

PNL Cards?!?!!? What!? That exists with Looter?! Yes! And here's how to generate one! Generating PNL Cards can be done from interacting with sell transaction messages or done straight from Trade History page!

Selecting 😎 Export PNL Card will generate your PNL card for this specific order in seconds! Now you're ready to flex those gains made with Looter! What do they look like you ask? 😈

📚 Page Controls

These are your page controls to allow switching between different pages of order history, this is implemented to prevent long messages filling up your chatlog if you are an active user of Looter! 🕹 (pretty straight forward, I don't think this needs explaining 😉 )

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