Getting Started

Lets open the bot on Telegram and help you get familiar with all the wonderful things Looter can do for you 😉

Use this link below or click this header to open the bot on Telegram!

First Impressions 👀

Upon using /start, you will be greeted with this message, which includes quick access links to our docs and discussions telegram channel for any assistance you may need! ✅ When the bot is launched for the very first time, 5 fresh Ethereum wallets are created for you to use for buying, selling and sniping with the bot! ⚡️

The 5 Ethereum wallets can be replaced, regenerated and exported at anytime you wish 😎

Home Page 🏠

You can access the home page at any time by using the command /home

Features to choose from include Buy / Snipe, Snipe Orders, Limit Orders, Sell Tokens, View Wallets, Trade History and User Settings. This initial page of buttons will be the home of operations on how to navigate towards whichever feature you'd like to use.

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