👤User Settings

Looter comes with some personalisation settings, lets show you how to change them to make Looter your very own! 😊

To begin changing your settings, select the "👤 User Settings " button on the main page.

👀 Viewing Current Settings

After navigating yourself to the User Settings page, you will be greeted with this message, where you can view your current settings and change your timezone and language within the bot! These are the current personalisation features we offer, but are always looking to include more! If you have any ideas you think would be a worthy addition to the bot, get our attention in the Telegram channel!

⏰ Changing Timezone

Changing your timezone will make your trade history and order times match with the timezone you are in. Order times are a part of trade history and will show under each Limit Order, Snipe Order and Market Order you make within the bot.

Changing your timezone is done in plus and minus values based on the UTC timezone. As shown in the message above, UTC+1 is the timezone for the United Kingdom and to get the UK timezone within the bot, you simply just supply "+1" as the response to this message. After supplying your plus or minus value, your timezone will update and reflect in your User Settings and Trade History! ⏰

🌍 Changing Language

Changing language will update the entire bot to the language you have chosen. At the moment, supported languages are: English and Chinese. We are working to add as many languages as we can to allow as many people to use Looter as possible!

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