💸Selling Tokens

Lets give you the rundown on how to sell your tokens with Looter 💸

To begin, select the "💰 Sell Tokens " button on the main page.

👀 Viewing Token Holdings

The tokens shown in the images on this document were used strictly for testing, do not copy or use any of the tokens shown without doing your own prior research.

After making the selection on the home page, you will be greeted with a list of your current holdings among all wallets imported within the bot. From here, we can see the token's ticker, a quick link to the tokens contract address, your current holdings, the current value of the token and the transaction taxes this token may have. 💰

Now, let's get educated on the selling process. Don't worry, its as easy as everything else!

💰 Making your Token Selection

To begin, select the button for which token you wish to sell. In this case, we will use our test token "1. Sell TEST"

This page will display a breakdown of the wallets with this token and the amount they hold. If you have this token in multiple wallets, you are able to select and deselect the wallets you wish to sell this token from - you can sell from 1 wallet or all 5 wallets! 😮

📝 Selecting your Sell Amount

Now, let's explain the different buttons on the selling page! Preset for you, the option to sell 25%, 50% or 100% of the token you have selected! If these options aren't suited for you, the button "📝 Sell X %" allows you to specify a percentage of your choice that you wish to sell of the token.

Selecting this button, will return a reply-able message for you to choose your specified percentage!

💸 Confirming the Sell Order

After choosing your token to sell and the amount you wish to sell you are ready to confirm the order! Selecting the "✅ Confirm" button as shown above will place this sell order and submit the transaction to the chain! You are now ready to start selling with Looter! 😎

Make sure to be aware of any transaction taxes there may be in the token's contract before selling! We have made this viewable in the tokens information shown to you before confirming. High selling taxes could potentially disrupt any possible profits you thought you had made!

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